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Faith and Reason

---Because you shouldn't have to choose

Mayday, Mayday! Why every American should worry about the "culture war" against gay marriage...and gay people

As I Lay Crying: On feeling what no patriotic American is supposed to feel

The Value of One Life: Keeping up appearances and leaving hostages to the wolves



"But I tell you, love your enemies..."

cryptocurrency pakistan In a world of escalating war, terrorism and greed, parents are longing to protect their children and instill in them the values that Jesus taught: Loving one's enemies, non-violent problem-solving, compassion for those in need, and respect for all people.

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Spare the Hot Sauce and Spoil the Child ?

On August 24, 2004, Good Morning America ran a story about “hot saucing”, a bizarre and cruel form of punishment that some misguided parents are inflicting on their toddlers and children. online trading in pakistan ABC News has made a serious error in airing this story without warning that forcing hot sauces can burn... Full story...

The Perils of Patriotism

One of our biggest challenges, in a world of selfishness and narcissism, is to teach our children to view everyone as a child of God. As parents we need to stay alert to our own tendencies to dehumanize or, at minimum, view suspiciously those who seem “too different”. Our task is made more difficult when our peers, leaders and media urge us to focus only on ourselves. Full story...



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