Please tell ABC to issue a “child hazard recall”. Like any product that's advertised in the media but is later found to be dangerous to consumers’ health, “hot saucing” is a dangerous practice that needs to be “recalled” by the hosts of Good Morning America. The hosts, Mr. Gibson and Ms. Sawyer, should clarify that they do not endorse this practice that carries the potential for physical, mental and emotional injuries in babies and children.

Take action for child safety!

(1) Note child-injury concerns:
Email and call (see contact info below) to request a new segment on Good Morning America that will clarify that “hot saucing” is hazardous to a child’s mouth and esophagus and that ABC is not advocating this physically abusive and psychologically traumatic force-feeding of hot sauces or other acidic liquids into toddlers’ and children’s mouths:


(2) Note network liability concerns:
Remind them that if they fail to produce a segment clarifying that Good Morning America and ABC do not endorse “hot saucing”, they are opening themselves to litigation: Any parent whose child’s mouth or esophagus is burned by using this “discipline” technique, or experiences gagging or nausea, could sue Good Morning America because that’s where he or she learned it. GMA never stated that “hot saucing” is abusive, or that viewers should never use this on infants and children.

First CALL:
Dial (212) 456-0600 and immediately press 4, then leave your 30-second message. If you want to receive a written reply, leave your address after the tone--This will make sure your urgent request gets someone’s attention, and is not simply ignored or erased from voicemail.

(1) Email the producers at ABC News Support support@abcnews.go.com

(2) Email Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer at Good Morning America: http://abcnews.go.com/sections/GMA/GoodMorningAmerica/GMA_email_form.html

Spare the Violence and Guide the Child, www.JesusontheFamily.org

 !    From the Washington Post

The owners of the company that sells Tabasco sauce, McIlhenny co. of Louisiana condemn the use of their products for child discipline. In an interview, the company president , Paul McIlhenny, called the practice "strange and scary" and "abusive". The book that promotes this remarkably cruel practice (Creative Correction) was written by a 1980's sitcom actress and is published, not surprisingly, by Focus on the Family/ Tyndale House, a publisher of other books promoting violent parenting under the banner of Christianity.

Read the article yourself here.